The Integrex VisiLift+ adds a new dimension to interactive touch displays. Like the standard VisiLift, the VisiLift+ has two powered columns which raise and lower the touch-sensitive LCD screen – but has the added benefit that the screen can be rotated to any angle from horizontal to vertical and beyond. Imagine a multi-touch screen (2 or 32 touch*) that can be used flat like a table, at any height – and can then be swung into a vertical position for presentations, and even angled forwards for users in a prone position. (*other options available on request)

The added versatility of tilt means that the VisiLift+ can be used in situations that, previously, were difficult or even impossible for some users. With its braked castors the VisiLift+ can be wheeled effortlessly between rooms allowing for flexible use of space. An option with built-in PC is available.



Enhanced Learning

The VisiLift+ incorporates tough, strong, top quality screens for exceptional picture quality, stereo speakers and an in-built amplifier for amazing audio.

Integrex’s ground-breaking interactive technology and software combined with the HD screen provides a suite of themes, images and games to enhance special needs learning, cognitive understanding and recognition awareness.




Looking good.

The VisiLift + features a smooth, soft-touch surround with an anti-bacterial surface making it ideal for special needs environments where hygiene is paramount.

On quantity orders colour customisation and logo engraving is available. Just let us know what you need and we will do the rest.

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