VisiLift is an interactive multi-touch screen with the added benefit of powered height adjustability enabling use by children and adults of all ages, including wheelchair users, whether in mainstream or special needs education.

The touch-sensitive LCD screen comes in a selection of sizes and connects to virtually all types of PC allowing fingertip control of software from the screen itself – no pens to lose or special tools required.

VisiLift is supplied with stereo speakers and built-in amp for great audio. As our screens are all with fitted braked castors they are easily wheeled room to room then locked into position.

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VisiLift+ is a fully interactive height adjustable multi-touch sensitive LCD with all the same specifications as VisiLift but with an extra twist….

VisiLift+ has the added dimension of a manual tilt facility enabling it to rotate to any angle from vertical to completely flat. The screen can also be tilted forwards for users in a prone position.

A customisable, smooth, soft-touch surround with anti-bacterial coating makes VisiLift+ ideal for special needs environments where hygiene is paramount.

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Integrex SENse is a low cost interactive sensory system, featuring an interactive floor which combines high technology with simple design to maximise interaction and learning for all types of special needs. The SENse projects images onto the interactive floor or ceiling as it detects and responds to body movement as well as lighting control to change mood and augment the interactive imagery.

The SENse is suitable for all ages and abilities, seated, standing or lying down and with swipe-card control multiple user configurations are easy to set up.

Exciting, unique software developed by Integrex delivers a series of colourful and rewarding interactive floor programmes and games.

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The VisiPro has all the attributes of a magnetic dry-wipe whiteboard with the added advantage of mobility, height adjustability and a widescreen projector providing built-in interactive functionality in one integrated unit.

Includes SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software licence exclusively including 3 years Advantage subscription; access to over 7,000 pieces of content and over 60,000 ready-made lesson resources.

Epson EB-485Wi interactive projector 3,100-lumen ultra-short-throw projector (calibrates automatically).

3 Year projector Warranty and 3 Year Lamp Warranty.

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